To become a member of Genesis II Church, simply be in support of the following beliefs:

• Doing good deeds
• Good health for all mankind
• Doing what is right
• Freedom for all mankind
• Enlightening others with the truth
• Helping one another

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is a non religious church with its objective being “bringing health to the world“. All people are invited to join us in our mission, no matter what their personal philosophies or religious dogmas might be. We encourage everyone to seek their own religious or spiritual guidance wherever they desire. In other words, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Atheist etc. are all welcome to join while maintaining their relationship with whatever religious or spiritual instruction they chose. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is a place where all are welcome no matter what their religious, spiritual or economic status might be. As of 4-12-2020, we have trained 2000+ Health Ministers in 110+ countries around the globe to “bring health to the world”.

There are a number of advantages to becoming a member of this church besides the fact that you will be helping us change the world to a better place. We mean really change the world, not all the rules that the religions have been spewing for the past thousands of years. Here is a list of some of the advantages:

1. Protection against vaccinations, unwanted x-rays, scans, or health insurance mandated by human authority. We are a church and it is against our church’s beliefs. People have already used their membership cards to keep from being vaccinated, and from going through scans.

2. The ability to purchase health products of all kinds in any quantity including but not limited to food, plants, vitamins minerals, herbs and all remedies in any quantity necessary for yourself or your family. This protection will be more understood when the church has its own health food stores right in the church building. The belief includes the right to maintain these products in your own home.

3. The membership includes a picture membership card with these rights written on the back and a notice that anyone violating these rights will be prosecuted by the Church.

4. With your membership we offer 1 free replacement of your id cards per year. If you lose or damage your id card email us and we will send you a replacement free once per year (this includes families or single members, each member gets the free 1 replacement per year).

The Church Membership costs $30 per adult which includes the Membership card with a picture. Children 12 and below are ½ price and each child should carry one of these cards especially to prevent vaccinations.

Membership renewal is yearly at the same price as above (adults 30 and children 15).

Imagine, A World Without Disease? Archbishop Mark Grenon
Will you join us to help change this world? We need and want your help.